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Color theory

Adobe kuler is an online community for exploring color theory and creating and sharing color themes. Kuler themes can be accessed directly from the Creative Suite applications. Take a look here.

Elements of style

Style guides are used to set standards for design and type within a document, publication or website. You can find a number of different examples of  style guides (for print and web) here.

The grid system

A website dedicated to resources for grid-based designs.  The site includes information and articles on philosophy and use of a grid for a layout or project, tutorials and templates for websites and other design projects based on grids, and examples of work done using (you guessed it) grids.

Pablo Ferro sample reel

The AIGA reel of his work can be found here.

For freelancers

For those of you navigating the world of self-employment, the Freelancers Union advocates for independent workers, offering articles and webinars on the business of independent workers (like doing your taxes, marketing how-to’s, juggling clients) and services that would normally come from an employer (such as retirement plans and cheap health care.) And unlike other membership organizations, it’s free to join.

Illustrator tutorials

The following are the tutorials from today’s class

For learning the best practices for websites from some of the worst examples, click here. He also graciously includes a checklist to help identify basic navigation and design problems for websites.

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts has a clean use of Flash on their website, plus a good example of an online publication for the exhibition of the work of Gordon Matta Clark.

Adobe Flash Tutorials — Best of

Here are a list of useful Adobe Flash tutorials that may help those students who are doing flash projects. The tutorials are a mix of actionscript 2.0 and 3.0. (Smashing Magazine) (Noupe) (Kirupa) <— Great for beginners in AS 2.0

Some relevant links from today’s review

After some of the discussion in today’s review, I thought the following links might be helpful for a starter or as a refresher:

Designing for your worst client: yourself

An interesting article by Lea Alcantara on the A List apart website regarding the process and strategy of designing your own website and re-branding yourself.

If you are unfamiliar with A List apart, it is a great resource for designers working with the web, including articles on choosing typography, developing creative ideas and writing an interface style guide.

Tutorials from Feb 18/19

Below are the links for the tutorials from class today:

For droplet troubleshooting, some threads can be found on the Adobe forums pages here and here. You should search the forums if you have additional questions.

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